Hal Puthoff – Ultraterrestrial Models

Ben Jinkins

Ben Jinkins

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I absolutely love receiving texts or emails from friends or family who historically have shown little interest in the phenomenon, but reach out to me personally to share their interest in the subject. It gives me a mixed feeling of pride, a little bit of “I told you so!” and most of all gratefulness for an opportunity to bond. On Tuesday August 2nd, 2022 I received a text from a friend in Austin which included a .pdf titled “Ultraterrestrial Models” by H. E. Puthoff, Ph.D. I responded with; “😯”. Before diving in, I expressed my excitement and gratitude towards my buddy for reaching out and sharing the paper, then caught up on life for a bit.

Alright, let’s dive into this…

“However, it appears highly likely that the phenomenon per se is not constituted exclusively of members of the current human population.”

H.E. Puthoff – Ultraterrestrial Models

“Current Human Population”???

This notion is later explained by the definition of Ultraterrestials:


As a focused example of broadening the scope of our investigation, let us consider the ultraterrestrial hypothesis as defined above (e.g., ancient occult group, isolated pre-Diluvial high-tech society, stranded ETs/“gods”), i.e., sequestered terrestrial cultures – examples (2) and (3) above – existing alongside us in distinct stealth.

H.E. Puthoff – Ultraterrestrial Models

A highly technologically advanced civilization of beings secretly co-existing on, or near Earth alongside our current human population. Which makes complete sense to why many alien abduction experiencers are given visions of world-ending events caused by nuclear weapons and messages of peace to prevent self-destruction.

Whatever/whoever these being are, they clearly do not wish to be known, yet they definitely show concern for our survival as a species and this planet. Whether their concern is benevolent or malevolent, is unknown. I would hope their intent is akin to a guardian of sorts. The reverse intent would be much more unsettling… I hope they are more like shepherds than cattle ranchers.

Without being too doom and gloom, I would like to build on this hypothesis.

To reference my article titled It’s All In Our Heads. These entities may be a lot closer than we think. They may not be able to exist in our reality without a direct link to our consciousness. The link being what’s known as the “antennae”; an epigenetically evolved area of the brain which allows communication and possibly the ability to physically manifest objects or even entities into our reality. In this scenario, the individual, knowingly or unknowingly provides a link into our dimension. This also means the individual could also possess the ability to prevent said entities and objects from manifesting into our reality.

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