It's All In Our Heads

A theory based on interviews with experiencers

Ben Jinkins

Ben Jinkins

Co-host of the UFO Garage Podcast


Our podcast tagline is “UFOs, aliens & all things weird.” It has never been about proof. It has and always will be about having fun, sharing ideas and understanding the individuals who experience the phenomenon.

This theory is my attempt to synthesize the amalgamation of information, experiences and ideas shared with us by guests from the podcast and friends we’ve made along this journey so far. It is also undoubtedly influenced by the works of Jacques Vallée, Harold E. Puthoff, Eric Mitchell & Garry Nolan.

Obtaining undeniable proof of UFO, UAP or Extraterrestrials is like explaining what it’s like to become a father or mother to someone who hasn’t experienced it. It’s just not possible.

If the evidence you stake your belief in the phenomenon upon is exotic metals from a crashed UFO, photos or video of dead Alien bodies, or tictacs… It is ours… By ours I mean it is man-made. If the evidence observed is physical, while you’re consciously awake, it was created here on Earth by humans.

Non-human entities exist, but cannot cross into or affect our current physical reality or dimension. These entities can however influence and manipulate humans who have been “upgraded”. This upgrade unlocks the ability to communicate with, observe, manipulate and even manifest aspects of other dimensional realities into our own.

Using modern day communication methods as an example, for most of our lives the brain survives just fine using CB radio. An upgrade to fiber optic bandwidth can be triggered by high stress, emotional or physical trauma and/or the use of psychoactive substances that inhibit the thalamus, the area of the brain in charge of perception “our reality filter”.

All humans possess an epigenetic sequence within our DNA that can be activated by physical, environmental and psychological circumstances and events. This activation is the catalyst for a rapid physical and biological transformation of the thalamus, caudate, putamen and basal ganglia. This area of the brain physically transforms into a new type of neural processor. From it, microtubules expand throughout the exterior lobes, forming what is known in some scientific circles as “the antennae”.

This piece of the puzzle derives from Eric Mitchell who has publicly spoken of the “Antennae” since 2013. Other researchers such as Garry Nolan have also studied these areas of the brain in connection with experiencers.

The antennae serves as a transmitter and receiver of non-local communication between the individual and source consciousness. Source consciousness is analogous to the internet on a multidimensional scale. It is an open source energy that can be unlocked by any conscious entity who possesses the key.

Source consciousness has no agenda, it is simply energy that has always existed.

Entities from other dimensions can and have always communicated with humans who possess an upgraded antennae. This communication includes conscious visual and auditory experiences including waking visions, hallucinations and/or unconscious dreams. Physical reality may also be affected through the individual. In most cases; unintentionally manifesting poltergeist activity, ghost, spirit, sasquatch, UFO sightings and alien abductions. These events and sightings are physically manifested into our reality by the individuals who possess the antennae.

Belief is equal to, if not greater than fact. Why? Because that’s how the human brain works. The reality we perceive is filtered, whether we like it or not. Our experience is an attempt to understand it, and the story we tell ourselves and to others is a reflection of how our individual consciousnesses cope with our individual experience.

Fact is fiction. Any scientist or mathematician will tell you that any quantifiable certainty is a percentage below 100%. The remaining percentage is where the phenomenon exists.

Our brains are far more powerful than we imagine. Every one of us possesses the power to communicate and manifest the phenomenon through source consciousness.


The phenomenon exists and has always existed. Humans possess varying degrees of an epigenetically upgraded area of the brain which allows them to communicate with the phenomenon, and in some cases manipulate physical reality.

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