Cigar-shaped UFO or Cruise Missile? – American Airlines Pilot recording

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Ben Jinkins

Ben Jinkins

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We received an email from our good friend James Goodall (military aircraft historian) on Sunday February 21st, 2021. The email stated that he had received a recording from a fellow Interceptor, of American Airlines A320, AA Flt 2292 in route from Ky to AZ’s Sky Harbor.

"We just had something go right over the top of us that... I hate to say this, it looked like a long cylindrical object that almost looked like a cruise missile type-thing moving really fast..."

Pilot from American Airlines A320, AA Flt 2292 Tweet

Listen to the recording below:

Air traffic control recording of A320, AA Flt 2292, 02/21/2021

A few questions come to mind for me…

  1. Was this a military cruise missile on the wrong trajectory?
  2. Shouldn’t the military be aware of civilian flight patterns and divert any missile testing away from such airspace?
  3. How similar do cruise missiles look compared to images and descriptions to cigar-shaped UFO craft?


Let’s get into it…

Could this simply be a covert cruise missile testing gone wrong? Let’s check the flight path from Cincinnati Kentucky to Phoenix, Arizona.

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AA Flt 2292 Flight Path (Google Earth)

Alright, now let’s look at how many military bases are stationed along that flight path.

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Map of military bases capable of deploying drones. The Verge

Let’s do some photoshop wizardry over-lay the flight path and the locations of military basic capable of deploying drones.

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Ok, so there’s a LOT of military bases along the flight path from Kentucky to Phoenix… Could this have been a cruise missile exercise in which there could have been a navigational malfunction? Possibly, if that’s true then man did those people aboard that flight get lucky. I doubt an exercise missile would be armed but a mid-air collision would be devastating. Also expensive, for both parties…

I gave Jim a call to see what he thought of the recording, he had this and more to say:

"We are not alone..."

Jim also gave some interesting insight. He stated that although there are many military bases along the flight path from Kentucky to Phoenix, the military drone aircraft don’t fly at 36,000 ft (the typical altitude for commercial passenger flights) and are usually armed. He also added that if the drones fly off-path or deviate from their corse they’re automatically blown up.

Let’s compare cruise missiles to Cigar-shaped UFOs.

Cylindrical-shaped UFOs have been witnessed and reported since, well FOREVER.

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1561 celestial phenomenon over Nuremberg

This cigar-shaped UFO is actually more common than you’d think. Here’s some videos I found:

12News in 2018: UFO over North Carolina January 25th 2019.

UFO Over North Carolina January 25th 2019 | By Spacebret YouTube Channel

Alright so this is a video I found on YouTube, it could be fake but I think it looked pretty convincing. Huge Cigar Shaped UFO Caught On Tape | By Alien Planet YouTube Channel

There aren’t that many videos of cruise missiles mid-flight, probably because they’re moving way too fast… But here’s what I could find.

I don’t know about you but if I saw a cruise missile from a distance, I’d probably think it was a UFO. But there’s one huge difference, fins and wings. Although it seems that each missile design differs from model to model. Some have larger wings or stabilizer fins than others.

We do know from the Tic-tac UFO event back in 2004 (published in 2017), the object did not have wings or stabilizers. So I wonder what exactly the pilot saw, wings or no wings?


I personally believe this sighting was not a cruise missile. I think the evidence points toward some else entirely…. Was the object man-made? Possibly. Was it extraterrestrial in origin? Maybe. That’s assuming there isn’t currently or always has been an “alien” presence existing on Earth. But that topic is for another time!